Wednesday, November 26, 2014

Lines, Lines, Everywhere Lines...

Draw the line... I've been threatening to do it for years. I guess it's time to pull the trigger. I'm finally compiling that line art book that I always babble on about to folks when discussing my work. You see, the byproduct of nearly everything I create in the visual world - from tattoos to t-shirts, album covers to canvas - begins as lines. As a person with hoarding tendencies I, of course, have amassed an enormous collection of the line art that I've created for projects ranging back to the early 1990's. Some of this work as meticulously labored over as a technical schematics - some of it an explosion of ink scrawling a found scrap of paper. These lines have decorated bodies and walls in their refined form but the real spirit lies in those original inks and pencils. I recently held a sort of "art clearance sale" at my Wells & Co. Tattoo Studios in Vandalia, Ohio to rid myself of my hoard of poster, album cover, t-shirt and tattoo related drawings, fatten the wallet for the holidays and to finally give myself an excuse to put those pages face down in the scanner and digitally capture and catalog my mountain of black on white illustrations. So, be forewarned. "Draw The Line" will be dropping from the art stork's cargo bay in early 2015 and I'll be releasing related art prints, clothing and more based upon that raw, iconic line art.

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