Tuesday, March 24, 2015

New artwork for San Diego based Triumph of the Wild

Some new art floating around out there! Recently completed album cover art and design by Chad Wells for Triumph of the Wild, a great American based indie band from San Diego, California. Recently featured on CMT Edge!

Thursday, November 27, 2014

New Buffalo Killers album artwork by Chad Wells

Buffalo Killers new album, "Fireball of Sulk" is out now via SunPedal Recordings! The album cover was designed by yours truly as was all the label and t-shirts designs for the new album. Catch the guys out on the road to purchase or order online.

Also check out this rad baseball t-shirt I designed for the band! (Order it HERE!)

Wednesday, November 26, 2014

Lines, Lines, Everywhere Lines...

Draw the line... I've been threatening to do it for years. I guess it's time to pull the trigger. I'm finally compiling that line art book that I always babble on about to folks when discussing my work. You see, the byproduct of nearly everything I create in the visual world - from tattoos to t-shirts, album covers to canvas - begins as lines. As a person with hoarding tendencies I, of course, have amassed an enormous collection of the line art that I've created for projects ranging back to the early 1990's. Some of this work as meticulously labored over as a technical schematics - some of it an explosion of ink scrawling a found scrap of paper. These lines have decorated bodies and walls in their refined form but the real spirit lies in those original inks and pencils. I recently held a sort of "art clearance sale" at my Wells & Co. Tattoo Studios in Vandalia, Ohio to rid myself of my hoard of poster, album cover, t-shirt and tattoo related drawings, fatten the wallet for the holidays and to finally give myself an excuse to put those pages face down in the scanner and digitally capture and catalog my mountain of black on white illustrations. So, be forewarned. "Draw The Line" will be dropping from the art stork's cargo bay in early 2015 and I'll be releasing related art prints, clothing and more based upon that raw, iconic line art.

Saturday, November 24, 2012

Solo Art Show - Opening Dec. 1st in Wilmington, Ohio

I've got a bunch of new prints and a good handful of brand new paintings for this show. Everything will be priced affordably. Really looking forward to seeing my extended family of friends, fans, clients, freaks and weirdos! Let's make Wilmington BUZZ with energy!!


Here's the blurb:

"North South Studios is pleased to announce the opening of a new gallery show featuring the work of Tattooist, Musician, Illustrator and Visionary Artist Rev. Chad Wells.
Rev. Chad Wells is an award winning Tattoo artist who has done illustration and design work for a broad clientele of rock bands, clothing companies and assorted other projects. His work reflects the energy and urgency of his youth spent in the punk and underground metal scene and a Surrealistic, Shamanic, and Psychedelic point of view. Whether working in pencil, pen and ink, acrylics, photography, digital art or manipulations of sound, Rev. Wells takes a holistic approach to the arts, weaving his life experiences, influences, and visionary explorations throughout his entire catalog. His works access multiple layers of reality and non-reality, with the goal of first striking the viewer in an emotional way and then opening a journey into deeper symbols, archetypes and conceptualizations as they spend more time with the work.
The opening of Rev. Chad Wells new gallery show will take place at North South Studios on the evening of Saturday, December 1st, between 6-8 PM. Light refreshments will be served. This event is free and open to the public."

North South Studios
26 N. South Street, Wilmington, Ohio 45177

Tuesday, October 23, 2012

Heavy Rebel Weekender 2002 Screenprint Collab. with Jeff Wood

Heavy Rebel Weekender 12x30 inch Screenprint
Illustration by Chad - Color, Background, Text and Printing by Jeff Wood
Original artwork was hand lined with a sable brush and india ink. This is pure old school awesome for this classic Rockabilly festival.
Signed/Numbered - Super Limited (this is old, recently found stock!!)


All Good Festival Print - Collab. with Jeff Wood

Poster "jam" collaboration with Jeff Wood - for Conscious Alliance and All Good Music Festival - July, 2012. This poster helped provide around 6,000 meals for the hungry.
Poster will ship flat in a padded mailer or rolled in a poster tube.


See/purchase the original art HERE.

Ink & Flesh - Rev. Wells Tattoo Documentary by Andy Copp

"Ink & Flesh - A Day With Rev. Chad Wells"
Directed by Andy Copp
Full length documentary. Also features extra short films by Andy Copp and Chad Wells - Including Chad's formerly out of print "Stream of Consciousness" Tattoo documentary (that previously accompanied his "Stream of Consciousness" book).
AUTOGRAPHED by Copp and Wells - Limited edition of 100!


"Upturned Nose" Sketch/Study Watercolor, Pen and Ink

"Upturned Nose (Study)"
2012 - Pen and Ink and Watercolor Sketch on Scrap paper.

Price: $25.00

Pint Size Paintings! Original Acrylic Miniature Paintings

Pint Sized Paintings
2009 2x3 inches each - Acrylic on woodblock panels.
Painted for and included in Durb Morrison's Pint Size Paintings book and iPad app. The book and app can be purchased through the Pint Size Facebook Page and also http://www.hellcity.com/Store/Hell-Stuff/Pint-Size-Paintings-Book---iPhone-App.html

PRICE FOR SET - $400.00

Pastel Study - Cosmic Girl - 2011

Pastel Study
Prismacolor Pastels on paper
PRICE: $80.00 - Shipped in flat, padded mailer (not framed or matted)


All kinds of cool stuff for sale at Zazzle!!

Skate decks, bags, prints and much more!!

Browse other gifts from Zazzle.

Original Acrylic Illustration for The Jackalopes CD Cover

Original art for The Jackalopes highly collectible, now out of print "Jacksploitation!" CD
Acrylic on Canvas - 12x12 inches

Price: $450.00 (includes LP style frame)

Price: $450.00 (includes LP style frame)

Original Art - Pen and Ink, Watercolor and Acrylics - Fox and Grapes

2012 - "Fox Skull and Grapes"
Pen and Ink, Watercolors and Acrylics on Arches Watercolor Paper.
This art was inspired by Aesop's fable about the Fox and "Sour Grapes". The fox I painted here was a patient animal and sat and waited for those sour grapes to mature - even though his mortal coil would unwind well before the grapes had reached maturity.

This artwork was used by Conscious Coalition for the Art that Feeds, 2012 All Good Fest poster. The artwork was used at the center of a design by Jeff Woods and prints were sold at the fest and brought in enough food to provide over 6,000 meals for hungry people.

Purchase Price: $250.00 (Does not include matting or framing)- Art will be shipped in a flat, padded mailer.

See/Purchase the All Good Fest poster/print HERE.

Art Prints - Black Metal Face and Mysterious Girl Face

This is a set of prints made from graphite sketches That I created in 2007. These were the first of what was supposed to have been a portfolio of pencil sketch prints. The project was aborted early on but these drawings were so special to me that I decided to go ahead and print them. These are very nice 13x19 inch prints on matte, archival paper. They are not matted or framed - they will be shipped flat in a large envelope or rolled in a poster tube. You can purchase them individually, for $20 each or as a set for $30.